TTT Process

We at “The Thinking  Team” adapt a 5 step process

1: We Think First

We start by thinking through an idea first, to generate ideas rather than designs. Because we believe that the challenges set by our clients can be solved by starting at the core.

Why does your brand exist? Who are you talking to? What are you saying? What is the real problem?

Because it is on brand ideas that generate concrete results.

2: We Plan

Next, we map out how we are going to solve the problem ahead of us, as well as devising the communication and marketing strategies to underpin the creative execution. We also outline the key metrics needed to measure success of the campaign. Because everyone loves it when a plan comes together.

3: We Create

Here, we focus on the creative execution. This phase varies from project to project and medium to medium but always revolves around conveying an incisive, on-brand message that will cut through the surrounding noise in a jammed market. Be easily understood, remembered, and recalled driving measurable action.

4: We Analyze

This is where we gain the knowledge to enable us to make better, more educated decisions on future projects. It is where we gain a better understanding about which elements worked and which did not – and more importantly, why! It is also how we measure our success.

5: We Start Again

We believe nothing is ever perfect – or finished. Brands, like people, should always grow and evolve with time. It is this pursuit of evolution which keeps us both inspired to create, but also passionate about results. We never look back with regret, but rather, forward with anticipation.