Every designer develops creative designs for clients in a variety of industries and few capture our attention and few just pass away. The key to a great design is to understand your client brand’s core ideas, beliefs, and messages which is  used to produce engaging designs, layouts and templates that stands out. Today lets try and underpants how do agencies comeuppance with the best designs that captures user attention and have a long-lasting brand recall.

The ingredients to brilliant design

To create a great piece of design,you need between 7 to 9 elements, specifically, visual hierarchy, a catchy headline, and a fiery passion for producing great designs.


Often when clients brief a project, key pieces of information could be missing so getting the right brief is very crucial as output is directly related to the input. Graphic designers need to dress-up elements such as content, graphics, illustrations, and images so as the design standard is of a high quality.


While it is important to feature enough design elements the weighting of these key devices is just as important. If the visual devices are of equal weight, the design will seem flat. Increase the size of some elements and decrease others. This will help achieve a dynamic design.


“Content is king”: Invest in the best content writers in Hyderabad/Vizag/Vijayawada who understand the structure of your brand. Content needs character and should have structure such as headlines, precede, body copy and sub headings for starters. Great content binds all the graphic design pieces together.


A little arduous work and sweat goes a long way in graphic design. Producing stately design is not instant. It takes time to work-up creative, to develop the layers, texture and position the design elements so it looks right.

We at The Thinking Team have a multi level process of design. The concept is first discussed on the table where workforce from different crafts like Designer, Content writer, Visualiser, concept creator and client servicing team are involved. We make sure to have a detailed discussion on the creative by taking the best inputs from everyone this way we will be sure not to leave any stone unturned. The reason for our best work output is because we come up with diverse ideas and the integrate the best suited ones on to the graphics.

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